Executive East
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Services & Products

Executive East uses many local or small business oriented products and services.  Here is a selection of those that we have found helpful.

Enviro-clean provides the building custodial services.  Their products are environmentally responsible and staff conscientious.  The best overall janitorial service we've found to date.

This small-business phone system is used to route our building operations calls and at the management offices to provide both standard and VOIP connectivity.  Additionally it connects to our team when telecommuting, forwards voicemail as e-mails, and links between several different locations.  We have found this feature rich system to be the most cost effective and easiest on-site system to self-install, update and manage.  If interested we might be able to suggest a retailer offering discounts.

GoDaddy.com - World's No.1 Domain Name Registrar
Group Email from GoDaddy.com
While we don't particularly care for their advertising campaign, their costs appear more than competitive and they offer a wide variety of services.  We use them for the Executive East website and most e-mail hosting.